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Eccentricity meets this Instagrammer's grace

Mamta Sharma Das is her real name however, she is more popular by her username The Boho Baalika, (Instagrammer @thebohobaalika). This Bohemian Baalika has been successful in raging the social media unhindered and undeterred- with her love for the fusion – the play – of contemporary and traditional. This Instagrammer has been trending on the social media not only for her saree styling but also for her attitude towards life, as a no-rebel feminist. Indian Bohemian, as she calls her inspiration to be, is seen indulging vehemently in the art and culture of India- both at home and in her clothing.

Mamta Sharma Das is a freelance stylist, Fashion branding consultant, designer, solo entrepreneur, digital media strategist, visual merchandiser and over and above, an Instagram influencer. She has it all in her! She is an epitome of feminism and a woman of substance. She swears by Mother Nature and leaves no stone unturned to bring sustainability in her collection seen in Viva la Vida, her homegrown brand. Along with Feminism, she strongly believes in body positivity and size inclusivity, which is seen in her collection.

Mamta lives and breathes in sarees. She loves embracing Swadeshi and is on a mission to endorse “Made in India” and help her followers adopt it loud and clear. It is evident in her posts that she is a woman of elegance. Sophistication transpires from her serving as an inspiration to all her followers. She is able to style the classic saris – a successful attempt to promote Indian Handloom and weaving- and give it a new look with a variety of experiments, vividly admired and awaited by her followers.

She manages to transform the 6-yards of a classic into a contemporary piece of attire to attract the attention of both young and old. She makes sare draping appear so convenient and effortless that today’s young generation just can’t stop themselves from donning it. Every time we see a new post from Mamta, we exclaim, “Easy! Isn’t it?”

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