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Striped Blouses - a luxurious trend

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Looking effortless and sophisticated in a saree is no more a myth! STRIPES IS THE ANSWER!

Stripes have been in fashion for ages, but the trend was mostly prominent in the western outfits. But for a few years, we have seen traditional outfits like sarees and suits turning edgy yet simple with stripes. And we are loving this fusion of the western inspiration in our Indian blouses too.

Striped blouses with plain sarees or even striped sarees- they make you stand out from the crowd and gives you a luxurious look. Stripes can be styled in many creative ways. In fact, striped blouses can be made and designed in several ways- horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, diagonal stripes, and even a frill or peplum design on the sleeves to make it sophisticated. Even Indian Celebrities vouch for striped blouses and striped sarees!

“One way to go all out with striped blouses is to wear them with printed sarees of contrasting colors. It looks unique and you are sure to wow people with your outfits! .”

There can be several types of striped patterns in which you can get your blouse made. Let’s discuss some of them! .

Thin or thick stripes

If you want to highlight your blouse and want to keep the saree plain, you can go with thick stripes. If you want to tone down your outfit for an occasion, you can choose thin stripes for the blouse and a plain or a striped saree to pair.

Horizontal or vertical stripes

Depending on your choice, you can choose to wear horizontal or vertically striped blouses. The fashion books always recommend you design your outfit with vertical stripes to make you look lean. However, the horizontal stripes especially thicker ones give you a classier look compared to vertical ones.

Choose your type based on what you like and not your body type! YOU GO GIRL!”

Colorful stripes

You can either go with two colors or a multi-colored striped blouse depending on your saree. This is more for a funky look, and if you could drape with pant, nothing like it!

Diagonal stripes

These types of stripes are incredibly unique and goes well with a plain or embroidered saree. If aligned well 'mesmerizing' is the word for diagonal stripes!

You can play with the stripes in horizontal, vertical and diagonal ways in the same blouse to make unique designs to suit your saree.

Stripes are making their way into the Indian fashion and blouses are no exception. So, drop the myth that they look louder; drape a saree with the striped blouse for the next occasion and you are sure to make heads turn!

Happy Draping!

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