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A Saree for every soiree

Saree, a traditional drape or a western outfit, has never seen a dearth of wearers. Be it Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform, we find it flooded with all sorts of draping experiments.

Young saree fashionistas to the middle aged saree enthusiasts, all style themselves up with an origami of 6 yards fabric, which never ceases to daze us with its beauty.

When you look through a peep glass placed on the spectrum of saree world, you will actually miss a beat and a squeal of surprise will escape your mouth. The clarity of wefts and warps of the saree makes you see things in a whole new light giving a new-found respect for the designers and the weavers. It takes a lot of vision, imagination and dexterity to create saris with elements of fashion, elegance, uniqueness and most importantly, quality. There are also traditional elements and techniques to adhere to, to make sure the end-product stays true to heritage. One must have a keen eye to appreciate the workmanship of our designers and weavers. And so, the good news is today’s younger generation now love sarees.

Every Indian girl expects to be in limelight of the event that makes her day. She’s realised that when draped gracefully, woman wearing a sari is an absolute gorgeous sight; it’s the sari which transforms a girl into an enchanting woman. So, there is a need and hunt for modernised versions of sarees amongst the young saree enthusiasts. And the designers are all set to offer them with all that they are looking for in a sari-

  • modern colours- a blend of pastels with metallic

  • modern digital prints with a touch of traditional motifs

  • modern fabric with a tinge of tradition and culture amalgamated in the borders and pallus

  • modern accessories which helps in conversion of sari as a mere drapery to an outfit for all occasions and for all places

To top it all, the Instagrammers, fashion bloggers and influencers are leaving no stone unturned in creating astounding and impressive looks with this traditional attire. Just when we start thinking that now we are done with all the possible experiments that can be made with a saree, they come up with such endless number of ways to accessorise it, that will not let the craze for sarees fade away. Be it a cape, a jacket, a blazer, front-open kurti, a shirt, a crop-top, a bralette top- the saree bloggers are teaming up everything with a saree in a brilliant way. The middle aged and the elderly too have found unique ways to drape their traditional Banarasi, Chanderi or Kanchivaram silk sarees paired with incredibly styled blouses to carry the poise of elegance.

Junk jewellery- Chunk jewellery- in silver, gold and white metals – sometimes overloaded with multi-coloured beads or multi-coloured stones- they all get their place on these young girls of today when they wear sarees. These young women are not at all apprehensive of a dramatic look that they create with their sarees when they dress up for a wedding or festivity or when they want to simply stylize themselves for their work place.

Saree has a successful story to narrate for all places -all occasions, at parties- on streets. The experiments done with saris are resulting into stunning looks which the previous generations would not have thought of. Saree is no more considered outdated and indeed has become an attractive tool for representing oneself.

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