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9 Outfit Ideas: Pick your Navaratri style

The festive vibes are already in the air and the trail of festivities must be pushing the feminine desires of your wardrobe and accessories to be in place. Navaratri being just round the corner, you have very little time to think ‘What to wear!’ , let alone shop. We’ve made your job half easier by compiling 9 different styles that you may adopt owing to your style and comfort.

1. Multicolor Kali (panel) lehengas

Kali lehengas are mostly multi-colour, or tailored in different prints and patterns to give ravishing look. They are usually not designed in a particular theme of colors, they are meant to be colourful without any order or pattern. These lehengas vary differently in prices depending on the designer and the fabric used. Some could be simply patches of cotton fabrics while the other might show an exuberance of colourful Banarasi kalis highlighted with heavy borders.

2. Denim lover’s Navaratri attire

If you’re a tomboy who’s not so comfortable in lehengas or if you love to be in your Denim skins, this is the one for you. Pair your Jeans with a printed, sequinned or embroidered waistcoat. Or grab a tunic/crop top with electric prints and patterns and accessorise well. That adds as much essence as a Lehenga does and you will certainly stand out for your creative self while being yourself!

3. Theme based hand painted lehengas

Hand painting on fabrics has been in vogue for sometime now and a varieties of hand painted lehengas are available in market based on the Navaratri theme: the dandiya, Triyambake (three eyes) depiction, Garba lamp etc. If you are someone who would want to feel the vibe of Navaratri and Garba by wearing the theme, then you might want to go for this kind of attire. You may pair the self coloured choli with the hand painted lehengas or may pick heavily embroidered choli to match the paint colors. Alternatively, a theme based choli paired with a flared lehenga is also a great option.

4. Dhoti/Tulip pant with the Kedia

If you want to carry a street look without being overly girly, this is for you. A thread-worked Kedia can be paired with a dhoti/tulip pants of your choice. An Angrakha tunic is also a unique combo with these pants. The pants that you pick to pair can add a lot of spice to your attire on the whole. While this option may not have been widely explored, the combination if chosen creatively can make you the limelight of the dandiya night. We found a good collection of these sets at

5. Traditional printed/woven lehengas

Many of us may not want to let go of the core traditional aspect of the fabrics used during the Navaratri nights: the Bandhanis (tie and dye), the Leheriyas, the Patolas etc. These prints fabrics have been used from ages and are still in vogue. The festivities seem incomplete without them. While you could you use these traditional fabrics for your attire, the design of the cholis can be contemporary. Bring in a stylish twist to the design of your cholis and stay in the festive mood with these ethnic prints and weaves.

6.Traditional Kutch work outfits

The Kutch work embroidered Chaniya Cholis are traditionally used in the Western states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. Although, the heritage of this rich art has been carried over ages, there has been phenomenal evolution in the fashion design industry in incorporating the Kuch embroidery at different levels and in different unique styles. The stylish Kutch work blouses have not only made their entries during the Navaratri but also as a regular blouse with many casual. If you want to be adorned in Chaniya Cholis, flaunting your feminine curves, you might want to dress in one of these with or without the dupattas.

7. Patch work Lehengas

Unlike the multicolour kali lehengas discussed above, these patch work lehengas need a lot of intricacy and creativity in placing the colour swatches right. A lot of effort goes into designing and making these kind of outfits and therefore might come at a price higher than your expectation.

However if you’re game for this peppy and vibrant look nothing can match the energy you’ll radiate with this collage of fabrics. A patchwork blouse with a moderately decorative lehenga or a heavy patch work lehenga with a subtle blouse would be a good combo for the dandiya night.

Due to the technological advancements, there are many fabrics that are readily available with predesigned patch works in creative styles and themes. One such blouse designed by us is displayed in the right. Contact us to to place your order with us.

8. Colourful digital prints

The digital prints have rocked the textile industry and the fashion designers have left no stone unturned in applying this piece of invention to every kind of Indian outfit: from sarees to blouses, lehengas to cholis, from suits to dupattas and much more. One such artistic work is seen in the image showcasing women in Siddharth Bansal Lehengas in digital prints paired with silk shirts. This needs no dupatta, an easy to carry attire and lifts you to an upbeat mood this festive season.

9. Mirror work lehengas

This is for the classic girls who fret experimenting and yet want to stand out of the crowd. Pick a classy mirror work lehenga choli preferably with a spectrum of colours or at least a combination of the choli, dupatta and the lehengas in three different colours.

Pick the style one that you think that best suits you and your comfort. Keep your spirits high and bright throughout the Navaratri nights. And rock the floor with your vibrant costume this dandiya night!

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