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5 must have blouses in saree lovers wardrobe

Saree lover? Stressed out matching blouses when you've got to wear a saree? Well, you have come to the right place! It's imperative for a saree lover to have a few blouses which can be paired with multiple sarees, so you don't waste much of your time in front of your wardrobe to mix and match the right ones.

We have shortlisted 5 Must-Have Blouses which are going to save you from your ‘I don’t have a blouse to wear with this saree’ problems (aka first world problems of a saree lover!). Let’s jump right in!

1. White Blouse

A white blouse is the most versatile blouse you should have in your wardrobe. Depending on your skin tone, it can really make a difference to your saree.

It pairs with every color of saree- from bright to pastel saree. However the pastel drapes makes your look more vivid with a white blouse. White makes a great combo with floral or geometric patterned drapes, striped or even solid flowy ones. And Indigo saree needs a white blouse by default.

Do not make your white blouse too plain or too embellished. Keep it subtle in design as to strike the right balance

2. Golden Blouse

A golden sequins blouse or a plain golden blouse or even an embroidered golden blouse- ‘The Golden Blouse’ has literally been in trend for decades! Safe to say that it is also going to be in the trend for the coming decades!

There is always a golden blouse in your mom’s wardrobe that teams up with multiple sarees and looks amazing when paired with any vibrant color for a traditional event.

Big golden Jhumkas or Chandbali and golden bangles paired with a golden blouse and a bright saree- this outfit is definitely going to make a perfect picture for your Instagram!

3. Handloom Printed Blouse

A plain saree and a handloom printed blouse- what a modern and elegant look! Even a printed saree with a printed handloom blouse looks amazing depending on how bold your blouse print is. Handloom printed blouses have recently gained popularity because of their unique look with the not-so-basic geometric yet simple designs. They can be paired with jute, cotton, and linen sarees and look very modern in their own way.

A great way to style a handloom printed blouse is to pair it with a long antique necklace with a printed or plain linen saree.

4. Magenta Blouse

A drape looks complete if it is in contrast with the blouse. For instance, a navy-blue saree with a magenta blouse looks very ravishing and perfect for an evening event and a mustard or yellow saree with a magenta blouse is a very elegant combination to wear for a daytime event too.

May it be a plain or an embroidered magenta blouse- you are definitely going to grab the limelight if you pair such a blouse with your contrast colored saree!

5. Grey Blouse

Black blouses have been in trend for very long, but now, the new trend says- ‘Grey is the new black’. Yes! You read it right! It’s a myth that black goes with everything. If not paired well, it can actually spoil your look and could even make you look outdated. Since grey is a neutral color, it can turn out even better than black, and make you look elegant in a very unique way. A grey blouse can be paired with a pastel pink saree or colors like blue, peach, and even grey.

These were our top 5 Must-Have Blouses which are new, unique, and trending. Each blouse is unique in its own way. It can either make or break your drape. So, pairing it carefully is the way to go!

Happy Draping!

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